Life at TVSCS
At TVSCS, we foster a culture that provides every employee with the opportunities and tools to showcase their commitment, integrity, passion, excellence. We believe that the company can succeed only when the people succeed. The purpose is not only to enhance career prospects but in turn drive TVSCS to greater heights.
At TVSCS, not only will you work with a refreshingly diverse group of individuals, you will realize that each day will be filled with opportunities to learn something new, and build your own knowledge and set of skills.
Rewards & Benefits:
As a member of the TVSCS family, you will find that excellence never goes unrewarded. In fact, we offer one of the best employee benefit packages and rewards to those who show outstanding commitment to their work, bringing in creativity and passion.
At TVSCS we are committed to nurturing our workforce and bringing on board the best talent in the country. We recruit both experienced professionals from the finance industry and fresh talent from the best universities.
Training and Development :
At TVS Credit Services, we approach Training and Development as an investment and not a cost. Nurturing the talent we have is key to the success of both the company and the employee. The overall objective is to create a strong team of skilled, committed and empowered professionals.
Learning is a continuous process and we reinforce this belief by constantly working on building skills that are crucial to achieve our long term objectives. The Continuous Learning Program is an example of our commitment to the continuous growth and development of our employees. We offer entry-level as well as experienced leadership programs that impart intensive hands-on job training that doubles as a learning experience. The Learning Centre endeavors to make the training both issue-based and need-based, encouraging participants to implement program inputs into real-world situations. Addressing this complete spectrum of inputs ensures a fine balance between the long-term, medium-term and short-term requirements of the organization.