code of business conduct and ethics overview


TVS Credit Services Limited (TVS Credit), truly believes in independence, responsibility, transparency, professionalism, accountability and code of ethics, which are the basic tenets of corporate governance.

TVS Credit always seeks to achieve optimum performance at all levels in adopting and adhering to best corporate governance practices. TVS Credit has always focused on corporate governance as a means to maximize long-term stakeholders’ value through disciplined and sustained growth and value creation.

Conduct and Ethics

This code of business conduct and ethics helps to ensure compliance with legal requirements and standards of business conduct.

The Board of Directors (the Board) has adopted a code of business conduct and ethics (the code) for all board members and employees viz., all members of management one level below executive directors, including all functional heads.

Every Board member and employee is expected to read and understand this Code and its application to the performance of his or her duties, functions and responsibilities.


The Company Secretary is the compliance officer for the purpose of this code. The compliance officer shall refer to the chairman of the board any complaint received for necessary action.

Code of Conduct