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A Virtual Summer Internship Journey with TVS Credit - Paul P Vinod, SCMHRD, Pune.

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Life at TVS Credit was a unique experience in light of the on-going pandemic situation. Despite the odds, the internship experience at TVS Credit was stimulating and wonderful. During the short span of 2 months, I was able to learn a lot of new things, interact with people, bring in clarity to my thoughts, and work on some exciting projects. For me, the internship at TVS Credit was a unique and enjoyable journey.


Work-Life version 2

My internship at TVS Credit lasted from May 4th, 2020 till June 30th, 2020. The entire internship process was virtual due to the ensuing pandemic. Even before the internship began, the whole internship team at TVS Credit was in regular touch with us, and they updated us about the internship process. At commencement,  we had introductory sessions that enabled us to interact with fellow interns. We also underwent an orientation program about the organisation, and its functioning. We had interactive sessions with the senior leadership team across various departments. Through these virtual sessions, we learnt a lot about different verticals of TVS Credit. Despite the constraints due to the pandemic and the lockdown, the Company stayed connected with us through work and fun activities during weekends, which helped me build a bond with the team.


Project Initiation

Before the commencement of our internship, we were assigned projects to work on under the guidance of mentors.  As the setup was virtual, we connected with our mentors through calls or virtual meetings. I was assigned to the Digital Marketing team at TVS Credit and tasked to devise a content strategy for launch of a social media platform. After the engaging leadership talk series, we had separate discussions with our Marketing Head, Mr Charandeep Singh, and mentors on our respective projects. During this session, we familiarised ourselves with clear guidelines about our projects and the milestones.


My mentor, Mr Mukundraj was helpful, and spent time to answer my queries. He organised sessions with other team members to help me understand the details of the digital marketing domain at TVS Credit. These interactions brought clarity on the requirements of my project.


The Learning Curve

The work I did for my project was fascinating. There were multiple stages in the project wherein I understood different aspects of TVS Credit. This information helped in moulding my recommendations and propose the optimal content strategy. By the end of the project, I was able to curate content for the social media page and create a communication calendar for the same. Finally, I gave brief recommendations on select digital tools that could help curate content for this social media platform.


As Albert Einstein said, “The only source of knowledge is experience”. This project has enabled me to gain hands-on experience in the digital marketing domain, understand various aspects of digital marketing, and gain proficiency in several parts of the digital environment. Also, my constant research and interaction with the Digital Marketing team has helped me recognise and appreciate the nuances of this specialisation. Post my internship, I received feedback and suggestions from the Marketing Head and my mentor on aspects I should work on and courses I could attend to gain further knowledge in the field of digital marketing.


They also understood from me the key areas of improvement that could help them strengthen their internship programme.


The following are my learning from the entire summer internship process:


1.Interact, discuss and learn (IDL). Always communicate and clarify one's queries. It is critical to understand the objectives. Eliminate confusion as it would result in compounding errors.  


2.Dive deep and understand how your ideas would benefit the organisation. Try to find answers to all the seven Q’s before finalisation. Analyse each aspect based on its pros and cons.


3.Draft the plan well. Create a detailed plan based on one's project requirements. All plans don't work, but the plan will help you create an outline and help you stay on the right course.


4.Understand the essence of the constructive feedback and pick up areas you need to work on in order to improve.


Every decision requires justification. All decisions must be accompanied by a clear rationale and supporting information. Practical and robust recommendations are easily acceptable.


This is my summer internship experience at TVS Credit. The span of two months was a great learning experience.

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