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Getting a Personal Loan is now made simple and quick! All you have to do is download the TVS Credit Saathi App from the App Store/Play Store and apply for a Personal Loan. The entire process, right from loan application, verification to the loan disbursal is app-based. So what are you waiting for? Avail our personal loan now and enjoy the benefits.

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Features and Benefits of Online Personal Loan

TVS Credit

Same Day Disbursal

Install our Saathi app and apply for an amount of your choice from anywhere, anytime and get those funds transferred to your bank account on the same day.

TVS Credit

100%  Paperless Process

With TVS Credit Personal Loan, no paperwork is required to avail a fast loan. From loan application, to disbursements, the entire procedure is app-based.

TVS Credit

Quick and Easy Application

Just provide a few basic details and verify the same to get the loan amount credited to your bank account without any hassle.

TVS Credit
TVS Credit

Flexible Loan Amount and Tenure

With TVS Credit, you will get easy EMI options and flexible repayment tenures of 6-60 months for a loan amount ranging from 50K to 7 Lakh.

TVS Credit

Zero Documentation

Only basic details like PAN number, Aadhar Number and Address Proof are required to avail our personal loan.

TVS Credit

Personalised Assistance

Our digital assistant TIA is accessible at every step of this journey to ensure a seamless experience for you.


Personal Loan EMI Calculator

₹ 50000 ₹ 7,00,000
5% 35%
6 Months 60 Months

Loan EMI

Total Interest Payable

Total Payment

Principal Amount


Interest Amount
Principal Amount
Dot Finance Amount

₹ 50,0000 to ₹ 7 Lakhs*

Dot Repayment Tenure

6 to 60 months

Dot Rate of Interest / Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

16% to 35% (Amort IRR - Annualised Rate of Interest

Dot Processing Fees

2% to 6%

For ₹ 75,000/- borrowed at Interest rate' of 2% p.m. for 12 months (interest rate on reducing balance method),the payable amount would be Processing fee' ₹ 1500. Interest ₹ 10,103. The total amount to be repaid after a year will be ₹ 86,603.

*Interest rate and processing fees varies as per the products.

Disclaimer: These results are for indicative purposes only. Actual results may vary. For accurate details, please contact us.


Get Personal Loan in a Few Easy Steps

  • 1
    Download TVS Credit Saathi App and Sign up using your mobile number
  • 2
    Verify your profile by updating your KYC details and check eligibility
  • 3
    Complete the video KYC process after choosing your loan amount & tenure
  • 4
    Confirm your bank details & complete the E-mandate process to get the loan disbursed

Who can Apply?

TVS Credit

Salaried Employees with income more than RS.30,000/- per month

TVS Credit

Individuals with CIBIL Score more than 700

Keep these Details Handy

TVS Credit


TVS Credit


TVS Credit


Whatever is the need, solution is guaranteed!
TVS Credit


A personal loan can help you make your once in a lifetime experience grand & memorable.

TVS Credit


Lack of funds will never be a problem to enjoy your most awaited holiday

TVS Credit

Pay medical bills

Planned or unplanned medical expenses can appear anytime. A personal loan can help you deal with such uncertainty.

TVS Credit

Education related expenses

While you focus on bringing your aspirations to reality, we'll help you achieve your goals!

TVS Credit

Pay Credit Card Bills

Worried about paying your bills? Take control of your expenditure without any hassle.

TVS Credit

Emergency Expenses

Emergency financial requirements are not stressful anymore. Cover your expenses with ease.

TVS Credit

Home Renovation

Here is the perfect solution to revamp your home just the way you wanted!

Still not convinced?

A personal loan is an unsecured loan that can be used to cover a variety of needs, including paying for a wedding, a vacation, unexpected medical costs, credit card debts, and more. These loans are easier to obtain and hassle-free because they don't demand any security or collateral. A personal loan enables you to get instant access to a loan, as funds are generally disbursed immediately. Then, over the course of the loan's duration, borrowers repay that sum plus interest in regular, monthly payments.

TVS Credit offers instant personal loans with minimal documentation in a 100% paperless manner. Download TVS Credit Saathi App from Play Store or App Store, apply from the comfort of your home, from your preferred mobile device and get the loan amount required credited to your bank account within minutes.


Personal Loan FAQs

A personal loan allows you to borrow money from a lender for almost any purpose, such as debt repayment, financing a large purchase, or planning a wedding. Personal loan at TVS Credit is hassle-free to apply for, and we disburse the loan within 24 hrs.

Applying for a personal loan at TVS Credit is open to salaried people who make over 30 thousand rupees per month, and individuals with a CIBIL score of over 700 can apply too. You can also review other eligibility criteria at and apply for a personal loan. With a TVS Credit personal loan, you can obtain financing within 24 hours.

At TVS Credit, disbursal of a personal loan usually happens within 24 hours after the successful completion of the digital journey. The application process is simple, fast, and paperless. We also offer personalized guidance to help you complete the application process without any issues. Visit our website at to get a loan right away.

No, TVS Credit does not offer personal loans to unemployed borrowers yet. However, salaried individuals who earn 30k or more per month can apply for a TVS Credit personal loan. Visit Loan Guide to check your eligibility and get disbursal within 24 hours with a paperless process. Our digital companion TIA will further assist you in completing the digital journey without any hassles.

The advantages of personal loans from TVS Credit are:

  1. No need for a collateral
  2. Predictable repayment schedule
  3. Longer repayment time
  4. Easy EMI options
  5. Disbursal within 24 hours
  6. No income proof
  7. Quick and easy application anytime

"Before you borrow money, calculate the amount you need to pay by budgeting the installments and paying off your bills by consolidating them. Be mindful of the terms of the loan. If you have multiple debts or high-interest loans, consolidating them into one personal loan and paying it off makes sense. Make sure you pay your instalments without fail, as it might negatively affect your credit score and reduce the chance of getting a loan in the future. A good credit history and score show creditors that you maintain your credit commitments by making timely payments. "

Personal loans allow you to borrow up to Rs. 7 lakhs, starting at Rs. 50,000. Apply for a personal loan online and get disbursal within 24 hours with an easy and quick process with no paperwork.

"One can apply for personal loans for reasons like paying for college, making a down payment for a house, launching a business, emergencies, weddings, travel, paying for the necessities of life or paying for pricy credit card debt. The personal loan should have a lower interest rate than your current debt to enable you to pay it off more quickly. Personal loans let you cover unexpected costs without depleting your savings as they follow a routine payment schedule. They provide the ability to combine high-interest loans and can also be used to pay for your wedding or a dream vacation. "

A personal loan offers many advantages, but it's vital to realize that defaulting on a personal loan might affect your credit score. Being judicious in choosing your loan will help you save a lot of hassle. To understand and manage your finances, visit and use the EMI calculator. Enter the necessary information to calculate your monthly EMI and select a tenure. You can pay back the loan amount without hurting your pocket by using several payment options.

No, cancellation is not possible once the customer has completed the digital signature, as the signature suggests the disbursal of the agreed-upon loan amount. Visit to learn more about your eligibility and get personalized guidance. Get further assistance from TIA to understand better.

At TVS Credit, applying for a personal loan is simple, quick, and paperless. You don't need any documents to apply for a personal loan. Just have your Aadhar details, PAN details, and current address proof on hand and fill out the required information. You can receive your loan within 24 hours of completing the digital journey. Visit to get your loan now.

A personal loan is not secured since it does not require any collateral to get one. Obtaining the best personal loan is easy because TVS Credit offers instant personal loans that are paperless and simple. Visit the TVS Credit website, avail yourself of a personal loan, and start living the way you want.

Yes, TVS Credit Saathi is an app for obtaining a personal loan online with TIA to further assist you. The process is simple, paperless, and paperless, and disbursement occurs within 24 hours of the successful completion of the digital journey. Use the EMI calculator available on our website to help you understand the amount you must pay each month.

No, personal loans are not taxable.

  1. Download TVS Credit Saathi App and Sign up using your mobile number
  2. Verify your profile by updating your KYC details and check eligibility
  3. Complete the video KYC process after choosing your loan amount & tenure
  4. Confirm your bank details & complete the E-mandate process to get the loan disbursed

For a personal loan from TVS Credit, we charge a processing fee ranging from 2 percent to 5 percent of the loan amount. One can apply for an instant personal loan, and TVS Credit has a competitively low-interest rate, and the loan disbursal occurs within 24 hours. The entire process is paperless.

Using the personal loan EMI calculator on, you can select the term you want to utilize and figure out your monthly payments free of hassle.

The most common usage of a personal loan involves paying for a long overdue trip and family events like weddings and birthday celebrations. These are also commonly used for large purchases, debt relief, emergency expenses like medical emergencies, banking, education, and electronic purchases. They are also frequently used for making down payments on a house or a car.

The TVS Credit personal loan term ranges from 6 to a maximum of 60 months. At TVS Credit, you can choose the preferred tenure at your convenience and apply for the loan. We also provide friendly assistance throughout to make the application process easy and quick for you. Visit to learn more.

TVS Credit offers the following Loans –

  1. Two Wheeler Loans
  2. Three Wheeler Loans
  3. Used Car Loans
  4. Used Commercial Vehicle Loans
  5. Tractor Loans (New Tractor Loans, Used Tractor Loans and Implement Loans)
  6. Consumer Loans ( Smartphones and Consumer Durables)
  7. Business Loans (Retail Business Loans, Emerging & Mid-Corporate Loans)
  8. Personal Loans
  9. InstaCard (Instant credit loaded in your card just like EMI Card)

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