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How to Avoid Fraudulent Transactions?

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TVS Credit is a reliable credit partner to millions of customers across India. TVS Credit urges you to be aware of fraudulent activities online. Fraud is an illegal usage of credit/debit card details without the knowledge of the cardholder. Email, instant messaging, websites and phone calls are common sources of stealing personal data. Hence, to eliminate the threat of fraud do not share any confidential information, such as, your bank account number, pin number, CVV, etc. on unknown websites.


Before you know how to avoid fraudulent transactions, learn about the different types of online fraud:

  • Phishing: Customers are prone to phishing when login credentials or card details are shared on a fraudulent website or fake email. Submitting private information to unfamiliar sources might result in the stealing of personal data.


  • Pagejacking: Customers are redirected to a different website as hackers hijack the original website page and also the potential data.


  • False Merchant Identity: Customers are made to believe that a fake merchant account actually belongs to a legitimate business account. Many fall into the trap, assuming the source to be trustworthy.


Now, that you know what are the possible fraudulent threats online, let us see how to avoid fraud transactions and keep your account safe:

  • Do not share confidential financial information over a call: When you are asked to share your CVV pin, card details or account number, please refrain from sharing the same over a call. Similarly, do not share your financial details on unfamiliar/unknown websites and links.
  • Be Careful with Attachments and Downloads: Do not click on links or open attachment when you are unsure about the source of the email. Downloading unknown attachments can affect your device with a virus.
  • Visit Authentic Websites: There may be similar domain names and URLs matching the original website link. Double check the URL and ensure you have entered an authentic website to make any payment.
  • Never Save Card Details Online: Every time you make an online payment, enter the card details manually and do not save it for reuse. Logout from your account as soon as the payment is completed.


What can be done if you suspect Fraudulent Transactions?

In case you suspect strange debit/credit activities in your bank account, immediately report the issue to the customer care department and raise a complaint. Having informed the bank, as per the RBI rules, the complaint has to be resolved within 90 days.

TVS Credit makes every effort to ensure the confidentiality of its customers’ details whenever personal details are shared on the website. Be a responsible customer; keep yourself well informed and protect your financial information from fraudsters.

Your security is our utmost priority.


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