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My exciting journey with TVS Credit! - Yusuf Merchant

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In the beginning, I was excited to start my journey with TVS Credit! Not only was TVS Credit, a part of the massive TVS group, but also it would have been my first experience with an NBFC. However, the nation-wide lockdown put a dent in my excitement. I was worried about the internship being revoked, as was done by a few other firms. I was delighted when TVS Credit decided to continue with the internship. I was further relieved when they decided to shift to a virtual internship, considering the Covid scenario.


The first day of the virtual internship was led by Mr Vikraman, from the HR department. We were briefed about the company - the departments and its working. The orientation also included insightful sessions with the senior management team.


After the orientation, I was placed in the Debt Collection Department. I was under the guidance of Mr Manigandan, Mr Kalaiselvan and Mr Piyush. They gave me an overview of the collections team and briefed me about the collections process in the company. I was further assigned to work on the project, 'Evolving Methods of Collection in NBFCs'. 


I had to research on the different collection strategies employed by top NBFCs in India along with their technological implementations. My project journey was hectic. However, it helped me to work with time constraints and helped me discover new ways to be more efficient. As the saying goes ‘No Pain No Gain’. 


Mr Piyush was a tremendous support throughout my project. I had two meetings with him every day, each with its own set of tasks and deadlines. He always pushed me beyond my limits, which in the end, helped make the internship more fruitful.


It wasn't always work, though. Despite being a virtual internship, Mr Vikraman managed to arrange a lot of interactive sessions with my co-interns. Many hidden talents were uncovered during fun activities. It was the perfect opportunity to unwind after a hectic workday.


My internship journey with TVS Credit, helped me learn about the NBFC sector as a whole. It was insightful to have a glimpse into the workings of the stalwarts in the field. At a personal level, my outlook towards work, time management and productivity increased tremendously. And most important of all, I had learnt how to communicate my ideas effectively.


I would like to thank the entire team for giving me this opportunity to be a part of the TVS Credit family. It was quite literally, a dream come true.

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