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    Navigate your way like a king with our hassle-free Three Wheeler Loans

    • Same day loan approval
    • No income document scheme
    • Affordable Interest rates
    • Flexible EMIs

    What is a Three Wheeler Loan?

    When considering the purchase of a new auto-rickshaw for either your business or personal use, you have the opportunity to preserve your savings while securing financing through our Three-Wheeler Loan. With our straightforward documentation process, you can expect loan approval within 24 hours.

    We offer Three-Wheeler Loans without the need for income documentation. To assess how this loan may affect your monthly budget, utilise our Auto-Rickshaw Loan EMI calculator. Don’t hesitate any longer – obtain a loan for your auto-rickshaw today.

    Key Features and Benefits of Three Wheeler Loans

    We are committed to providing you with a hassle-free auto-rickshaw financing experience, accompanied by a variety of advantages. Here are some key features to assist you in making an informed financial choice.

    1-day Loan Approval

    Submit proper documentation and assure Three-Wheeler Loan approval within 24 hours.

    Easy Documentation

    Complete your documentation effortlessly with our simplified process.

    No Income Document Scheme

    Secure financing for your auto-rickshaw without the necessity of income documentation.

    Affordable Interest Rates

    Avail of a 3-wheeler loan at reasonable interest rates and purchase a brand-new auto rickshaw.

    Flexible EMIs

    Select the tenure as per your convenience and repay your loan at your own pace.

    Three Wheeler Loans EMI Calculator

    ₹ 50000 ₹ 7,00,000
    2% 35%
    6 Months 60 Months
    Monthly Loan EMI
    Principal Amount
    Total Interest Payable
    Total Amount Payable

    Disclaimer : These results are for indicative purposes only. Actual results may vary. For exact details, please contact us.

    Eligibility Criteria for a Three Wheeler Loan

    Before applying for a Three-Wheeler Loan, make sure that you are eligible. Here is the list of eligibility criteria to opt for Three-Wheeler finance from TVS Credit.

    Documents Required for Three wheeler Loans

    Having the right documentation in order minimises future difficulties and guarantees a streamlined financing process. Explore the checklist of necessary paperwork based on your employment type to access our Three-Wheeler Finance.

    How to Apply for a Three Wheeler Loan?

    STEP 01

    Select Your Vehicle

    Choose the three-wheeler you want to avail of the loan for.

    STEP 02

    Get Approval

    Upload the required documents and get your loan approved.

    STEP 03

    Loan Sanction

    After approval, get your loan disbursed without any delay.

    Are you an Existing Customer?

    Welcome back, submit the below-mentioned details and get a new Three-Wheeler Loan.

    icon OTP will be sent your mobile number

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We do not fund any accessory unless it is a standard fitting.

    Our rates, which are comparable with the best in the industry, are determined by the customer's location and profile and the loan's tenure.

    Our Three-Wheeler Loans are available for a maximum period of four years.

    Approval is usually given in one working day, subject to the submission of all required documents.

    No, collateral security is not required.

    You can intimate the branch, which you normally deal with. Otherwise, you can email us on helpdesk@tvscredit.com. To help you further, you can click here to check the Steps to update your address linked to your TVS Credit loan account.  Note : Any change in the address or KYC or any other documents submitted by Borrower(s) at the time of availing the loan, shall be notified in writing, within thirty days of such change by the Borrower.

    No, comprehensive coverage is required.

    We do not insist on this, but please take care to arrange for comprehensive insurance and produce the policy copy with our endorsement in time. However, if you pay the premium along with monthly installments, we can take care of your insurance needs.

    Yes, a copy of the agreement will be provided to the applicant.

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