Two wheelers


Guiding you through the turns; that’s what we do!

We understand that getting cheque books from your banker to issue post-dated cheques (PDCs) can be time consuming and sometimes impossible to do.
If you want your vehicle today, why wait? Who says you need PDCs. Walk into a TVS dealership and ask for Cash-King – the cash option to repay the loan.
You don’t need cheques – you can pay your monthly repayment installments at the dealership. In cash.
Fast track
Have no time to wait for a loan? Need to ride your bike immediately? Easy processes and super speed approvals ensure you can do this in 24 hours. Fast track loans for you – because you are on the fast track!
Women on wheels
Women on TVS Scooty wheels get a special rate of interest on their loan. Working women and college girls interested in TVS Scooty products get special offers in their loan rates.
Business booster
Agriculturist/small entrepreneurs can avail special discount rates on their loans to buy utility vehicles like mopeds and Max 4R.