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    Turn soil into success with our quick Farm Implement Loans

    • Funding for implements from across manufacturers
    • Loan sanction within 24 hrs
    • Flexible repayment options marked to crop cycle
    • No hidden charges

    What is a Farm Implement Loan?

    We provide hassle-free and convenient loans tailored for acquiring the necessary farm equipment to enhance productivity. Our competitive interest rates and rapid loan approvals and disbursements make the process smooth. Minimal documentation is required for Farm Implement Loans, and we also offer personalised loan solutions to support your growth and success.

    What we are offering

    New Tractor Loans

    Affordable Tractor financing to fuel Your agricultural aspirations.

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    Used Tractor Loans

    Buy a second-hand tractor on EMI with TVS Credit Used...

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    Features & Benefits of Farm Implement Loans


    Funding for implements from across manufacturers

    Loan Tenure

    Loan tenure of up to 72 months

    Customised Loans

    Customised Loans based on land holdings

    Loan Sanction

    Loan sanction within 24 hrs

    Loans Disbursed

    Loans disbursed within 48 hrs

    Tractor Loans - Paperless Journey | TVS Credit

    Paperless Journey

    End-to-end digital paperless journey


    Repayment options based on crop cycle and harvesting patterns

    No hidden charges

    No hidden charges

    Eligibility Criteria for Farm Implement Loans

    Documents Required for Farm Implement Loans

    How to apply for a Farm Implement Loan?

    Our farm equipment financing application process is designed for your convenience. You have the option to apply for a loan either online or in person at your nearest branch, making it easy to choose the method that suits your preferences and saves you time.
    STEP 01

    Select your Product

    Decide the implement for which you want to avail the loan

    STEP 02

    Get your Loan Approved

    Upload the required documents and get your Loan approved.

    STEP 03

    Get your Loan Sanctioned

    After approval, get your Loan disbursed without any delay.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    TVS Credit keeps the needs of farmers and business owners in mind, offering Implement Loans at reasonable and highly competitive interest rates. Learn more about the interest rates for farm equipment loans.

    TVS Credit aims at reducing the financial burden of making the heavy investment of purchasing a new tractor. Thus, with our farm implement loan, you can avail funds up to 90% of the total value of the equipment you are buying.

    Agriculture Equipment Loan are agricultural loans since they are primarily used in that sector of the economy. However, you can also purchase an implement for using in your business operations. They are also considered to be term loans as the borrowed amount must be repaid within a specific period.

    Credit score is a criterion considered by most lenders while approving implement loan approvals. Usually, a credit score of 680+ is considered healthy. However, in certain cases, even applicants with scores as low as 520 have been able to avail of tractor financing. It is best to check with the lender on your specific situation to get a clear picture.

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