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How to overcome “cash crisis” & grow your small business

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The old saying that “it takes money to earn money” is an absolute reality.


Running a small business with limited capital is not an easy task. You need to pay upfront for raw materials, transport, and more, even while you sell on credit. Meanwhile, your expenses too, will require funding. A lack of capital to work with can mean stopping work!  During such a cycle when cash flow stops, what can you do?

Waiting it out will mean lost time and lost business opportunity, and even trying to get a loan will require more time, along with property or valuables needed as security. There are always money lenders, but their rate of interest is unaffordable to most! In such a situation, don’t you wish:


If only there were a way to get a quick loan, without security and with reasonable interest rates!


Now for the good news.

An Unsecured loan is there for the asking for eligible, creditworthy borrowers who seek money to grow their small business.


What are Unsecured Business Loans?

An unsecured loan is a loan given to you, at the discretion of the lender, based on your credit score. It does not require you to pledge anything as collateral. It is a business loan that will help you to tide over a temporary cash crisis and continue to grow your business. It comes at affordable rates of interest, and it is a great option when you want money quickly and that too, without any security.


Three ways an unsecured business loan benefit small business?


1. Faster Loan approval and disbursal: An unsecured loan is the quickest way to borrow money for your business. All you need to do is to apply online and get rapid approvals. The process involves very little documentation and no lengthy procedures.


2. It is ease and flexibility in end-use: Unlike conventional loans with lots of documentation and oversight on the usage of the loan amount, with Unsecured loans, you have complete freedom to use the money for any purpose you deem fit – you can use it to purchase materials for your business, grow your sales with extra marketing spends or even paying the utility bills. The money is yours to spend on your business.


3. Smoothen your business operations: There are times when the lack of cash can prove to be an obstacle in the smooth running of your business. There might be a seasonal increase in orders or an urgent order that requires a quick infusion of money. You can overcome such cash crisis with an unsecured business loan.


Unsecured Loans at TVS Credit helps the business owner to attain their full potential and profits without any worry or lengthy documentation and procedure.


Features Of TVS Credit Unsecured Loans 

1. You can avail loans ranging from INR 1 lac to 25 lacs

2. Repayment Tenure up to 3 years

3. Attractive Rate of Interest

4. Minimum documentation

5. Quick in-principle approval



1. KYC documents such as identity proof, address proof, signature verification, and photographs.

2. Bank Statement of the past 12 months

3. Your Income Tax Returns of the past three years. 


You can apply directly on the TVS Credit website, and we will get back to you shortly.

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