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I was very excited to intern with a reputed organisation like TVS Credit. However, the COVID-19 outbreak brought a fear of uncertainty on whether it will happen or not.


However, TVS Credit ensured that the internship went ahead without any hiccups. Given the circumstances, the internship was virtual. Though, it was conducted without compromising on the quality of learning opportunities for the interns. I admired the way they approached the virtual internship. It never looked like this was their first virtual internship. The process was such hassle-free and peerless.


The initial meetings with the CXOs gave us a holistic view of the company’s vision and operations. My project was on Yard management. I got to work with the residual management team. It was my first time working on a real-time work project and I was ready for the challenges. Here I would like to extend my gratitude to my mentor, Mr. Vasanth. He ensured that his guidance and input was always available, despite his busy schedule.

With my minimal corporate experience, developing a business case was very challenging to me. Especially, during the early stages of the internship. But, it became a lot easier, as I gained experience across a variety of functions, including:


1. Data handling

2. Business analysis

3. Problem finding

4. Strategy development

5. Financial viability 


I dedicate my special thanks to Mr Ramachandran. His insights and patient explanation of the processes, made my internship a lot easier.

I had put in a lot of effort into the project and I was proud of my work. My only regret was the final presentation. I felt it didn't justify the hard work I had put in during the project. Then again, understanding what went wrong and making necessary improvements, is a part of the learning process.

Big thanks to Mr. Vikraman and his team. They kept the interns connected and motivated, through the duration of the internship. The frequent meetings and fun sessions helped us recharge and get ready for new challenges.

I had learned a lot during my internship, from the experts at TVS Credit. And this experience will be a big stepping stone, as I enter into my career in management.


I once again thank each one involved in making this virtual internship a successful and fruitful endeavour for us.

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