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Tips to run an auto-rickshaw business efficiently

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How to implement an idea into real business can be learnt from books, but how to run it efficiently and keep growing cannot be learn from textbooks. It is from the real-life experience that you learn to tackle the challenges and expand the business. All the successful people in the world did not become famous overnight. It requires careful planning, strategising, and re-strategising.

Auto rickshaw business is no different. As an auto rickshaw driver, you must follow certain things to run your business even better. Here are some strategies from the real-life experience of auto rickshaw drivers that are worth noting down:

1. Pay attention to appearance:

A little extra effort on the looks impacts the first impression. Most drivers clean their auto rickshaws daily. If you clean yours, you are not doing anything different. In this fast-paced competitive world, you must be unique to be noticed. You can decorate it up with lights, stick interesting posters or paint it in an attractive way to make it different from the rest.

2. Have a multi-directional approach:

Never say no to any passenger, even if it is for a small trip. It is like saying no to your income. Just accept whatever comes your way and keep working. Some of the auto drivers are now also tying up with Ola and other companies to increase the number of trips. Keep working and have multiple sources of income.

3. Stay close to your competitors:

There are times when a commuter is waiting for an auto for hours and no one turns up. On the other end, there are times when you a commuter is waiting and multiple autos turn up. So, make sure you follow a driver so that if he denies the trip, you can grab the opportunity then and there.

4. Learn the art of negotiation:

Auto rickshaw drivers in our country make the most of the specific instances like peak hours, late night, and rainy days, when the consumer demand is quite high. Also, they convince customers to take an alternate route. So, make sure like other auto drivers, you negotiate well and convince commuters for a certain rate even before the trip starts.

5. Be transparent:

Make sure your rickshaw is well-equipped with meters so that you can keep your commuters updated about the necessary details like distance, waiting time, and charges. These things are important for commuters to know the total charge of their trip.

6. Help comrades:

You must be having friends from your union or some drivers who take up trips in the same territory as yours. Make sure you help your friends and stay with them through thick and thin. Accompany them in everything; be it as small as sharing a cup of tea during the boring hours to as big as staging a protest.

If you already drive an auto, make sure you implement above tips at the earliest. However, if you have not yet started the business, you can consider taking three-wheeler finance and then buy an auto rickshaw for yourself. There are a lot of options for auto loans in the market. So, make sure you get the best one and get going!


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