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Top 9 tips to maintain a tractor

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A tractor is one of the biggest investments you make to fulfill your agricultural dreams. Thankfully, these days bank offer farm loans and tractor loans on low-interest rates with easy repayment terms. Buying a tractor has become easier these days. However, the real work begins after the purchase. You will have to become almost an expert in maintaining the tractor to make it run efficiently.

Keeping your tractor in top condition is important to make the most of a good harvest. You must dedicate a considerable amount of time and follow proper maintenance steps every day. Here are a few maintenance tips for tractors to keep it in a good shape:

1. Go through the owner’s manual:

Every manufacturer gives buyers a user manual that gives instructions about taking care of equipment. So, make sure you get the owner’s manual and follow those tips. It includes maintenance schedule, specifications, location of all parts of equipment, and basic operating instructions.

2. Obtain all the maintenance tools:

Maintenance of tractor needs a different set of tools than the ones we need for automobile maintenance. So, make sure you borrow or buy a wrench and all other tools you need to take care of your tractor.

3. Protect the tractor from rain:

Make sure you protect your tractor from rain; especially the exhaust system, seat, and instruments. So, either keep it in a garage or cover it well.

4. Check fluids regularly:

If any part of the tractor is leaking, the damage may cost a fortune. Refer to the owner’s manual to determine what parts need to be checked. You must check the engine oil, coolant, battery electrolyte, transmission fluid, and the hydraulic oil.

5. Ensure right air pressure in tires:

All tractors do not need same inflation pressure. Even in the same tractor, the front and rear tires might need different pressure. So, check the air pressure at regular intervals.

6. Watch out for the brakes:

Mostly all tractors have automatic brakes. All you need to do is make sure your braking system is lubricated and works well. If your braking system is not in place, you have to get it fixed or replaced as soon as possible.

7. Keep an eye on filters:

Dirt and dust can contaminate the system and cause a failure of components. There are filters in tractors to protect the system against these contaminants. It is advisable to check the fuel filter as well as air filter often. Clean it or replace it if it cannot be cleaned up to the mark.

8. Lubricate often:

In order for the tractor to function well, it needs to be well lubricated. Make sure, you check the oil level regularly and use heavy duty lubricants. Avoid oils that are used for cars and other light vehicles. Look for the parts of the tractor that move, clean them, and grease them.

9. Do not overload:

It is advisable to make use of a recommended size attachment for whatever job you are doing. Make sure you do not overload your tractor or it will wear out soon.

The Life of your tractor depends upon how well you maintain it. Make sure you follow the above-mentioned tips and maintain the tractor to make the most of it.


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