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TVS Credit empowers Indians from various socio-economic backgrounds with our thoughtfully designed financial products. As Indians from all walks of life set out to write their growth story, our timely and affordable credit empowers them to bring their aspirations alive.


Our products and services are designed to deliver innovation that is inclusive as well as sustainable. We are very cognisant to the fact that empowerment has multiple dimensions, and that we go beyond our products and services in giving wings to the dreams of our customers. Saksham, TVS Credit’s initiative is a move in this direction to help under-privileged students and school drop-outs develop necessary skill-sets to equip themselves for a better future.   


A move towards “Empowerment from Within”

Initiated with a focus on rural and semi-urban areas, Saksham helps address the issue of financial divide from a unique perspective. Through a series of vocational training programs, Saksham provides necessary skills to the communities around our customers. The whole program is organised in order to enrich their lives and enable them achieve their aspirations through self-development.


TVS Credit’s vision is to Empower India, One Indian at a time. The primary customers of our products and services are self-employed hard working individuals of small town India who have big aspirations and want the best for their family. They, however, lack the means to achieve it and often are deprived of the access to organised credit. TVS Credit has been a pioneer in ensuring that people have access to credit in order to fulfill their aspirations and not let money be a deterrent to their dreams.


However, this commitment of ours is not restricted only to our immediate or potential customers, but also towards their families and communities. We seek to enable dreams and aspirations by empowering them with the requisite skills to stand on their feet. The most practical and direct way of empowerment today is skill development – it helps build knowledge which can’t be snatched away by external circumstances, and making them ‘Saksham’ or ‘Capable’ for life.


The Journey So Far


We initiated Saksham by collaborating with NGO partner - Yuva Parivartan. Focused on youth welfare and development, Yuva Parivartan is a pioneer in India for providing livelihood to underprivileged youth. With 650 branches all over India, they are best equipped to support and execute the type of lasting skill enhancement initiative proposed by us – one that is inclusive, focusing on hands-on practical training, inculcation of soft skills and management acumen for attitude and lifestyle change, as well as support with job placements and self-employment.


After a thorough need assessment across various locations, we narrowed down on 3 locations to begin TVS Credit Saksham - Devarajeevanahalli in Bangalore, Nanded in Maharashtra, and Raipur in Chattisgarh.



The need assessment conducted revealed relevance and interest among the following courses:


  • Basic Computers
  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Tally
  • Tailoring
  • Beautician
  • Nursing


Following the identification of these courses, our team had the arduous task of enrolling students across the centres. The focus was always to promote voluntary sign-up in order to ensure continued interest. Parents and relatives were invited to the centres to address security and safety concerns directly by checking out the locality and interacting with the staff.

Classes started in Bengaluru in October 2018, and so far over 170 students have been trained and placed in various jobs such as billing operators at Aadhaar centres, private organisations as well as starting their own business. We will soon be launching our program in Indore as well, where we will be transforming the lives of over 100 more students.


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A move towards empowerment from within, Saksham Program is empowering school and college dropouts through vocational training programs that teach basic skills across disciplines, paving the way to a brighter and more prosperous future and making them SAKSHAM for life.

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