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Used Commercial Vehicle – what lies ahead

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They are the unsung heroes of the Indian economy. Working long hours, they traverse great distances across varied terrain to ensure that warehouses, shelves, and refrigerators are all well-stocked.


Drivers of trucks, pick-up vans, and other commercial vehicles play a vital role in keeping the wheels of industry turning. Capable of reaching the remotest locations, their services provide the last-mile connectivity that other modes of transport do not. Moving incalculable tons of goods and numbers of people, it is no exaggeration to say that commercial vehicles are the lifeline of the Indian economy.


With the GDP expected to grow at a brisk 7.7%, a bright year seems in the offing for manufacturers and drivers of commercial vehicles. This upswing comes at a time when massive infrastructure-building projects are underway. Set to improve rural connectivity and boost industrial output, these projects shall not only demand, but also facilitate the growth of the commercial vehicle industry. This is further spurred by the tax reforms of last year that have streamlined the movement of goods and services.


With international manufacturers of commercial vehicles entering the fast-growing Indian market, owners and operators of trucks and light commercial vehicles will look to upgrade to the latest makes for higher levels of efficiency and comfort. This sets the stage for shorter replacement cycles, further augmenting the sales of commercial vehicles.


With automotive financiers rolling out ever-lucrative schemes to enterprising individuals looking to buy commercial vehicles, it’s now easier than ever to own one.


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